The Blogging Parlour

I think I have some biscuit crumbs down my trousers.


Why hello there! I didn’t see you come in. Welcome to my Blogging Parlour. Jolly good show avoiding the dogs, hopping the tripwires, and for outraging Smiggs the gardener who absolutely hates it when I have visitors. This Blogging Parlour is quite new – if you’re reading this in February 2013, that is. The wonder (and horror) of the Internet is such that it could be the far distant future by the time you read this, in which case hello there future-person! Future-people should feel free to send me patentable inventions, lottery numbers, and future-snacks.

Now, you might be wondering: Who are you? Why do you write? How did you start? Why should I care? Where’s the “back” button on my browser? Where are my trousers?

Those are all good questions, and I intend to ignore most of them. To start with, I’m Lord Custard Smingleigh, and I choose to present myself like this:

Lord Custard Smingleigh avec Beard

Lord Custard Smingleigh and his blogging machine.

I’ve had this state-of-the-art Blogging Parlour outfitted with only the finest blogging equipment money can’t buy. That’s right, it was all free, and I’m not ashamed! I’m not made of money you know, not like you young whippersnappers with your credit cards and your second kidneys and your dignity. A beard like mine takes serious attention, pruning, and feeding to maintain its glorious lustre and I have to devote most of my inheritance to its upkeep.

So what goes on in here? Pretty much anything I write, mainly centred around those electromonical games that require a Personal Computer to play. Expect to see me write some about some of the games I play. I’m not interested in reviewing them in terms of the bitmipulations of pixomobobs, you’re more likely to see game diaries with a fictionalised slant. Or perhaps some short stories. Maybe some ranting. Perhaps some stuff about game development – I’m interested in those dark arts and may share my explorations with you.

Oh, and I tweet. You can follow me “@Smingleigh“, as they say. I’m so modern!

Feel free to pull up a chair, write a comment, send me an email, twitterate at me, or telegram me some money. And just watch out for Smiggs the gardener on the way out, he has a shed full of sharp implements and no sense of proportion.

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