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Slayed – Fearful Axemas, Everybody

Are you hanging razor wire around your bed
It’s the time when Father Axe comes for your head
Does he ride a bloodcrazed warthog
Does the blood drip from his sleigh
Does his bloodrage ever ebb, just for a day

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Scruffy Nerfherder


Some science types dissected a Wookiee’s corpse and learnt that 40% of their brains are devoted to processing smells. The very next thing they learnt was what it feels like to have your arms pulled out of their sockets by angry grieving relatives for desecrating Wookiee burial groves. That’s why I trust Chewie’s nose for danger. He can tell how much trouble a guy is planning with one long, careful sniff. Read more…

BANG! Cardboard Betrayal At High Noon


This post first appeared as a comment in response to Shut Up & Sit Down‘s Tales of Betrayal.

For reasons I pretend not to understand, I have the reputation of being something of a backstabber. This accusation is as hurtful as it is accurate. Read more…

Quick Time Blogging Event!


Historical Note: This comment originally appeared as three, in response to Pengun, on Rock Paper Shotgun.

“Your husband… Is dead,” said Brent Hardjaw.

And this, gentle player, is where the story of Brent Hardjaw – ACTION HERO – splits in three. Two icons appear on the screen, one for Renegade action, one for Paragon action. Choose your path wisely, dear player!

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Something Dark Stirs


This post originally appeared as a comment on Rock Paper Shotgun.

*Scene: Interior, the bleak fortress of Ekz. Its master, the mysterious Bokz, clad in dark armour of sinister aspect lit only by the pulsing glow of a single ring within his visor, is being briefed by a flunky.*

“Mighty Bokz, the Steemes…”

“Don’t trouble me with old news. The Steemes have been a thorn in my side, but even they serve my creation, the Ween Doze.” Read more…

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