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I think I have some biscuit crumbs down my trousers.

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Scruffy Nerfherder


Some science types dissected a Wookiee’s corpse and learnt that 40% of their brains are devoted to processing smells. The very next thing they learnt was what it feels like to have your arms pulled out of their sockets by angry grieving relatives for desecrating Wookiee burial groves. That’s why I trust Chewie’s nose for danger. He can tell how much trouble a guy is planning with one long, careful sniff. Read more…


Scruffy Nerfherder


I’m Han Solo. I’d prefer it if you call me “Captain”. Nobody calls me Captain. That should tell you something about my life. The muscle sitting next to me is Chewbacca. You can call him anything you like, but if you call him something and he doesn’t like it, he’ll rip your arms off and call it bygones. Read more…

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