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Sminglenauts 1: Dramatic Personae

Deadnaut is a moderately-roguelike moderately-tactical exploration game set in a universe where humans have reached the stars and found alien civilisations… Or rather the remains of alien civilisations. Derelict ships filled with corpses and monsters are the new frontier, and desperate bands of last-chancers, Deadnauts, take on suicide missions for the slim chance of getting out alive with a payoff that will make it all worthwhile. I recruited a bunch of wholesome Twitter people and, with their permission, created some decidedly unwholesome Deadnaut versions of them. Lets see how far they get before they die horribly, shall we?

Meet the team of the Deadnaut Breaching Ship Earl Grey!

A note: These Deadnauts share the name and aspect of real people, fine people all, but the Deadnauts created in their image are not nice people, and are, in fact, utter jackasses. Bear in mind such traits are not shared by the lovely people who donated their names and likenesses.

TEAM LEADER: Custard Smingleigh (Yr. Hmbl. Crspndnt. @Smingleigh)

Lightning-fast, cool under fire, a crack shot, a hacking prodigy… Custard is none of these, so he’s confined to the Earl Grey‘s Command Pod, where he peers intently into the deep scanner to coordinate the efforts of his Deadnaut team.
Likes: Cats
Dislikes: Cats

SOLDIER: Kyle Meeks (@TheThinkTanker)

KyleAn ex-military weapons specialist who was drummed out of the army because he liked his guns more than they were entirely comfortable with.
Likes: Guns
Dislikes: His fellow Deadnauts

DEFENDER: Caelyn Ellis (@CaelynEllis)

CaelynA spirited trans woman with a shield projector. Insists her fellow Deadnauts to refer to her as “Shieldmaiden”. Nobody calls her “Shieldmaiden”.
Likes: Standing well behind people doing the fighting
Dislikes: The sight of her own blood. Oh dear

COMPUTER TECH: Emil Iucounu (@iucounu)

EmilHacker, trained observer, and professional rubbernecker. What mysteries lie behind the bandage-swathed face? We may never know. The mouth opens only to admit sandwiches.
Likes: Stims – lots of stims. Actually, all the stims, as often as possible
Dislikes: Spending time alone with someone

SENSOR TECH: Lars Westergren (@wgren)

LarsUnfortunately, Lars got the reconditioned Deadnaut suit that suffers from radio malfunctions. Sometimes he can’t hear orders, other times he hears orders nobody gave. Inexplicably popular with his fellow Deadnauts.
Likes: His fellow Deadnauts
Dislikes: The little electric shocks his suit gives him every now and then

SPARE SEAT: Viv Roth (@redviv)

VivViv turned up with her own axe, which shows commendable dedication. Attempts to part her from her axe result in use of the axe. Recommendation: Let her keep the axe.
Likes: Axe
Dislikes: Not-axe


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