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Character Bio: Edward “The Inexorable Tank” Jeller


“I can do this all day, but you’re going to run out of bullets eventually.” -The Tank

I thought I’d share a character I made for Storium, in a superhero-themed game run by hideous.

Horizontal Rule

Edward Jeller once protected Prosperity City as the flashy, arrogant, gambling-themed super-hero High Roller. His untrained telekinetic powers nudged things in his favour every time, giving him what looked like unnaturally good luck. He reveled in the limelight. He used to dance through gunfights, blowing kisses to his fans as his enemies emptied their weapons at him and hit nothing but air.

During a routine bank heist foiling, High Roller was playing to the crowd, as usual. He stopped for a kiss mid-firefight from a beautiful young female fan, and a bullet curved around him and struck her in the head, showering him with blood and brain matter. His power had saved him, but at the cost of her life.

His luck changed. His self-loathing began to manifest itself in his telekinesis. Instead of deflecting bullets, it started to nudge them towards him. The first time he went out on patrol, he ended up with a bullet in his kidney. The second, he got two in his thigh. An out of control car broke a dozen bones on his third. Falling masonry resulted in a fractured skull on his fourth. High Roller vanished from crime-fighting, and was swiftly forgotten by the fickle public.

MLL_heavy_suitEdward was driven to atone for the innocent life he had caused to be taken, but he simply couldn’t be High Roller any more. Everyday living had become dangerous for him, so he had taken to wearing protective gear at all times as unsecured objects pelted him. Then, one day, he accidentally foiled a mugging when the assailant’s bullet missed the victim, and struck him on his heavily padded shoulder, leaving a bruise, but no lasting harm. Realising he had found a way to use his uncontrolled powers for good once more, he rushed home and assembled a crime-fighting suit. Clad in second-hand Kevlar, badly-welded steel plates, leather, ragged strips of chain mail, thick padding, medical surplus joint braces, dangling straps, tools, first-aid kits, and a battered welding mask, he ventures out into the night once more to do battle with evil as the Inexorable Tank.


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2 thoughts on “Character Bio: Edward “The Inexorable Tank” Jeller

  1. This introduced me to Storium! Thanks!

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