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News THIS! – Britain Party Manifesto Ushers In New Political Era


The Britain Party’s new manifesto has surprised pundits and received acclaim by eschewing the usual promises of change and facts inconvenient to the Government. Instead, it consists entirely of rhetorical questions and pictures of flags. Other Parties have reacted with astonishment. “We can do that?” exclaimed a Gentry Party representative. Read more…

News THIS! – Google acquires Moon, Mars


A few years ago I tried my hand as a writer of news satire. I’d comb the Interwebs and select an article to parody. Watch as I crank the gyros on the Archiv-O-Matic to bring the articles back… FROM THE PAST.

Historical Note: This was in response to Google’s announcement that it had licensed real-time images of the Moon and Mars.

20 December 2006

GOOGLE Fortress, Tranquility Base —
 Search giant Google has announced a “Space Act Agreement” with the Nasa Ames Research Center, which grants Google the rights to real-time images and other data on the Moon and Mars. Google’s lawyers have creatively interpreted that to include the sight of these celestial bodies in the night sky.

Read more…

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