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In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Try To Explain

HeaderAlienI occasionally entertain the notion that the Alien IS Kane, trapped in a powerful deadly body he doesn’t understand how to use safely. The Alien isn’t stalking them, it’s just trying to beg for help but trying to talk triggers the deadly mouthparts.
“Brett! It’s me, Kane! I know I look huge and terrifying, but I’m not going to hurt you. See, I’m moving slowly. I’m unarmed.
… Oops, teeth.”
Confused and afraid, the Alien hides in the vents where it can’t hurt anyone else, but Dallas chases it in with a flamethrower.
“Dallas, I came down here to be alone. I’m a monster! I’m not safe to be around. I killed Brett by accident and I’m so scared!
… Oops, teeth.”
When it finds the humans abandoning ship it tries to help but butchers them by accident with its bladed hands of crushing and killing.
“This place is about to blow! I know I hurt a lot of people but we need to get out of here, we can talk about that later. Let me help with that air scrubber.
… Oops again. Twice. Jeez, you guys are fragile.”
Finally alone with Ripley, the Alien tries to communicate with her.
“Well we’ve got nothing left to do here but find some way of communicating, Ripley. A lot people have died, and I need to explain. I need someone to talk to! I have to get out of this body so I can stop hurting people.
… What? You shot me with a harpoon! Nooo! The airlock!”

You are beyond the world’s unthinking hate now, misunderstood, gentle monster. Rest in peace.


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