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I think I have some biscuit crumbs down my trousers.

Muskets vs Plasma Rifles


Good evening, milord Commander.

The Royal Society for the Combating of Extra-Terrestrials has received a letter about a terror attack in Wethampton-upon-Sea.

Those bothersome aliens have landed on the village green. The parson requests your aid! He promises tea and biscuits if you repulse this attack, and he hopes you are well.

The 10:12 to Botherington leaves in fifteen minutes. The journey is five hours by rail, then travel for two further hours by King’s Highway to Wethampton as there are sheep on the line at Bringley. Watch for highwaymen.

Outfit your regiment! Our savants have researched the alien corpses you have recovered and we can now turn dead Sectoids into rather fetching hats.

Unfortunately, half your regiment is out of action due to dysentery and the rest have smallpox.

Tally-ho, milord Commander! Give Johnny Alien what-for!


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One thought on “Muskets vs Plasma Rifles

  1. somini on said:

    Wethampton’s Trail: Terror from the Deep? Would play.

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