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Level 32 Pwns Level 1


To the tune of “2 Become 1″, by the Spice Girls

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For Stubborn Stains

Fus Ro Whale

Mages! Are you tired of the traditional spell selection of Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Earthquake? These are the same spells your grandfather used! Probably on your other grandfather! Don’t your enemies deserve better? Read more…

The Hard Sell

Sales is all about the fine art of encouragement.

Warriors! Hear my sales-roar! Read more…

I Am Aperture


A guest post by Cave Johnson, founder and CEO of Aperture Science Innovators.

Cave Johnson here. I’m getting the hang of this “blogging” now. And they told me I should hire someone to write this for me! Who’s laughing now, Marketing suits? If they even still have suits. I fired them all. I gave them such bad names they’ve probably had to eat those suits by now.
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