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A Manned Mission to Mun – From Ignorance to Enlightenment via Fear: Part Seven


It’s a great day for Kerbalkind as we embark on this historic mission. Well, when I say “we”, I don’t include myself in this – I’ve got to stay behind and supervise the launches personally. But I’m right here, on the ground, surrounded by air and not sitting on top of eighty-seven meters of rocket fuel stored in reconditioned maple syrup canisters, and I wish I was going up there where there’s nothing but a thin sheet of tin foil-wrapped balsa wood between my fragile flesh and sudden but agonizing death.

Speaking of agonizing death, you can imagine my surprise when who should turn up on the launch pad but Jebediah Kerman, the famed (and presumed deceased) pilot of Round Trip Ticket I, which you may recall broke up on re-entry when it attempted to re-enter a mountain. Jebediah Kerman, namesake of Mount Jebediah, the Jebediah Kerman Memorial Crater, the Jebediah Kerman Space Debris Tracking Center, the Jebediah Maneuver, the Order of Jebediah, Jebediaville, the small nation of Jeberia, and “Ol’ Jeb”-brand maple syrup, turned up alive and well and wanting to ride the new rocket.

We asked him where he’d been and how he survived, but all he said was “Ah!” and gave us a thumbs-up, so we stuffed him into a space suit and stapled him into the capsule. The capsule had plenty of space for a third Kerbal anyway.

The Space Center Media Division has released this diagram of the rocket for public viewing.

BV I On Pad

We thought the top of the rocket looked a bit heavy so we stuck on some extra engines to make up for it. This time we’ve even checked the orbit of Mun and we have a rough idea which direction we should launch to get there! The rocket is currently wobbling precariously on the launch pad, so we should probably fire the engines before it falls over.


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