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Voyage of the Indestructible: Part Two


Last time on Voyage of the Indestructible:

“Aaargh! Everything’s on fire! Including me!”

We now return you to Voyage of the Indestructible.

Okay. A flaring star. I’m starting to see a pattern here. An enemy autoscout was dispatched in no time, but a solar flare set fire to roughly a third of the ship. With the Internal Sensors room burning merrily the view of flames spreading unimpeded was quickly replaced with an even more worrying one – blankness. Opening every uninhabited room to vacuum was only a partial solution, as I had no way of telling if the flames had died yet. Catherine opened the door to Life Support, and slammed it again when she noticed the raging inferno on the far side. Drat, that took a chunk of our air out the airlock with it. And now the Life Support station has stopped working. Another flare! There’s fire everywhere! Quick, jump out – anywhere!

Believe it or not, this is actually an improvement.

Believe it or not, this is actually an improvement.

Arriving in a mercifully empty system was no help as all three of us perished in air that had more in common with soup than atmosphere before we could finish patching the much-abused oxygen generator back into working order.

And so, the good ship Indestructible was lost, three jumps into its voyage of utmost importance. At least I have the consolation that our entire civilisation came crashing down as a result of our deaths. It’s petty, but at least it means that we¬†meant something, even in our abject failure.

Well, that was disappointing, but that’s how FTL goes. I’m going to restart this and show those Rebels what-for!


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