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Voyage of the Indestructible: Part One


Hello there! Captain Smingleigh, at your service. The good ship Indestructible may not be the fastest, most dangerous, toughest, stealthiest, or most air-tight ship you’ve ever seen, but she’s mine, and she’s got it where it counts. And it’s up to me, and her, to get some very important data to the other side of unclaimed space, with a war fleet hot on our tail, and not enough fuel to quite get half way. What could possibly go wrong?

Note: Please excuse the lack of pictures in this first episode. I got over-excited and didn’t take any screenshots. Then I had some tea and calmed down and started taking screenshots thereafter.

I have two other crew on board, Catherine and Elizabeth. I don’t normally hold with women on board ships but I don’t really have much choice. I’m going to take the helm, as befits my lordly status, and Catherine is going to the Engines station to see if she can coax some extra performance out of the engines. It worked on Firefly, so why not? Elizabeth is going to spend her time running frantically between the Shields and Weapons stations, and she’ll probably be the one who ends up patching the holes as they’re shot in my ship’s beautiful hull. I hope she welds as neatly as she paints her nails.

So tallyho! Let’s be away on this mission of import. The big red button that says “Jump” is begging to be pressed so lets see what’s out there, shall we?

Disaster! The very first jump sees us faced with an automated scout which attacks. Normally I’d bet on my dear Indestructible over any scrapbucket autoscout, but its first shot started a fire in the door control room, which swiftly got out of control and by the time the autoscout was reduced to harmless chunks fully a third of the ship was burning and I’d had to abandon my post in the cockpit and crawl through the burning hallway aft, where the fire had yet to reach. Catherine got severe burns and had to flee when she tried to fight the fire in Medbay, and Elizabeth was also run off when the flames came through the Medbay door. Perhaps I should look into replacing the doors with something a little more flame-retardant than thick plywood. The only thing we could do was to pile into the back of the ship and shut off life support and hope the fire choked before we did. Luckily it did, and Elizabeth set to repairing the damaged systems. Catherine hauled some of the junk from the destroyed autoscout on board and vanished into Engineering. I’m not sure what she did, but now our reactor puts out enough power to run all our systems at once, which is a nice surprise. After a quick spa in Medbay we got back to our stations and prepared to jump. Surely the second jump can’t be that bad?

Wrong. A face-off against a wannabe extortionist ended in a fight. He got off one missile before he got his clock cleaned, but that missile started a fire in Life Support and knocked out the oxygen generator. I’m starting to wonder if I should rename Indestructible to Inflammable. On the plus side some quick venting put the flames out, but also took most of our oxygen with it. It was getting a mite muggy in here before Elizabeth could beat the oxygen generator back into working order. Catherine was seen walking around the ship hammering bits of scrap metal to the doors. maybe now they’ll keep the fire on one side a little better. I guess keeping the fire locked up counts as a good thing, right? So, jump three. Optimism, hey?


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